Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our Staycation

Well, it is still snowing here! It started yesterday evening, I awoke this morning to sleet and it is now full blown snow. I think we have almost 5 inches....will have to take a tape measure out later once it stops...if it stops. Positive point - they did plow our street, however now that the wind has picked up, you can hardly tell now.

We have been enjoying being home this weekend. Friday night, we watched the movies All About Steve and The Gamer.  We made homemade guacamole and had some chicken fajitas. Just a great night at home.

Saturday, I received a call from my brother and sil that they were coming to town and wanted to know if I could meet them for lunch. I was so happy to have our sister and her family join us too. Of course, Little "I" was the star of our lunch. He is growing up so fast! The news of the day is that there MIGHT be a chance that my SIL is carrying not one, but two babies. We find out for sure the first week in March. They had an ultrasound that the doctor thought it looked like another heartbeat was behind the first one.  Oh my! Auntie D wouldn't know what to do with twins. :)

I will be sure to keep you posted on this!

Today, I have been at home all day....and I have been enjoying being STUCK at home.   I have been baking...I made some Peanut Butter Cookies, Pot Roast (will be making the soup tomorrow night), and the BEST mashed potatoes..ever! Pioneer Woman did not let me down again....Hubs and I couldn't believe how delicious they taste...and it was pretty easy too. Mom -!I didn't even use a hand mixer!

Anyways....I am now hanging out...Hubby is flipping through channels...I made some coffee and am hoping to get all of our laundry caught up by the end of the night. My BIL (Hubs brother) is arriving on Tuesday and staying till lots to get done around the house before he arrives.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

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Twice as Nice said...

The snow started for us a few hours ago. They are calling for about 6 inches. Ya never know. So far this winter every snow storm they said we were having passed us by with about 1/2 of what they predicted.
Some times it is just nice to stay in home and nest isn't it? Hubby and I had a "date" night last night and instead of going to the movies after dinner we opted to rent one. Was fun! Have a good week. The Twins