Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bedroom ideas continue

So I have been pulling together different photos of bedrooms that I like. I came up with 10 different ideas and showed them to Hubby....he narrowed them down to here is where I am at this point.....I keep flipping as to what one I like the most.

I am honestly still online looking for more ideas....and I went and picked out some fabric swatches at Joann's last week...but I just can't make up my mind yet.

Sounds like we may be getting some snow this I am thinking I will spend the weekend researching some more...what do you all think? Do you like any of these? (I really like the 1st one..a lot) I wish our bedroom was just a tad larger....oh well.

On another sure to check out my Anna Phyllis blog. I have been making all kinds of new projects and am having a great time doing it!


Twice as Nice said...

I really like them all. I think you could take something from all of them and incorporate them into your bedroom. I'm loving that striped couch. I hardly have room for our bed. HA!

Kara said...

The first one for sure!