Friday, November 20, 2009

What's on my mind...

Well, I didn’t think I would take the time to blog again before leaving…but my afternoon has given me some free time…so I thought I would take time to write about 5 things…

First, I hate colds/allergies..whatever the case may be….I am completely congested…I don’t feel bad…but sound horrible. Oh it’s a fabulous way to begin our trip! Ha! I took some Afrin (recommended by Mom aka…Nurse Al) has we’ll see how it goes.

Second, I ran to Walmart during lunch…I am not a HUGE fan of Wallie World…but there isn’t a bookstore near buy…and I wanted to grab a couple of magazines….(Southern Living, US, and Good name a few)…and I grabbed the paperback version of Harry Potter for hubby. The flight is 3 hours long…we should be good to go.

Third, while I was at Walmart…I decide to browse the scarves….oh my….scarves are my newest love! I found one….in red and black zebra print….and I just love it! $5.00 too! Can’t beat that…I have quickly added it to my ensemble today! I was speaking with one of the ladies I work with who always has a scarf on..and it looks great…and we both watched the same episode of Oprah where they walked through the steps of how to wear a scarf….Now that I understand HOW..…oh my..I want one to wear all the time! 

Fourth, I am getting so excited to put up our Christmas decorations. Last night, Bella and I went on a short walk….and one of our neighbors that lives on the street behind us has their tree looked gorgeous! I am just not sure I can’t wait much longer….if I wasn’t going on a trip this weekend…I would probably be working on it instead!

Fifth, it’s official. Mr “Y” will be here for 16 days with us in Dec/January! Once I return from Vegas, I will begin planning our ski trip to Colorado…he and hubby are looking forward to snowboarding…..I don’t think I will be joining them with the boards….skis are all I can handle! I am excited to have him here for Christmas…I don’t have to ship gifts this year!! WOO HOO!

Anyways…that is a little bit of what is on my mind at the moment…Happy Friday!

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