Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Dark

I have been so tired in the evenings this week. Getting home around the time the sun is going down....makes for a long night.  I have been going to be so early! It has been easier getting up in the mornings....but not sure I am getting as much accomplished at night!

Maybe, I will get in a routine soon.

I have all my Thirty-One products boxed up, labeled and ready to go for Saturday. I have been finishing up a few products with my handmade items too. I am not sure how many handmade items I will display and sell...I am thinking I am going to test the water and see what happens.  I think my 31 items are going to over take my display (which is fine by me).  Plus......I just want to see what kind of response I will get with just a few of my items....and I will post the rest on etsy.

Hoping for a great turn out Saturday.  Should be lots of fun! My sister will be sitting with me...and our Mom is having her tupperware tables right next to mine!  I know a few other ladies that will be having tables hoping to see a lot of people I know and meet new faces too!

I am LOVING my full-time job! It is one of the best decisions ever! God truly knew what he was doing! My manager I have always enjoyed working with and for...and when the opportunity came to work for her again...I just had to jump at it...even if it was a cut in pay....she is so inspiring, encouraging and challenges me!! I am learning so much from her....and am excited about all the opportunities it is giving me.  The added that I go home for lunch when I want to....and it is such a great change!

I hope to take some pictures of this weekend...I will be sure to post! 

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