Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ordered something new

Today I bought something I am SO excited about! I don't want to tell you what it is yet....but I can't wait for it to come in!! Yes, it is something to hang up with all my Christmas decorations! I can't wait!

I am still feeling a little off tonight....I am hoping to get to bed early tonight and sleep it off! I have homemade chicken noodle soup on the stove top....can't wait to dive into it!  The weather doesn't help either...the snow has melted now...just rain....bummer.

Three more days until our trip....have I mentioned that I can't wait!! Hubby and I haven't taken a trip just the two of us for almost two years....we are BOTH really looking forward to it.  We had thought about going to see Cher in concert....but last night we decided to not buy tickets and just go without anything planned...I am just looking forward to some good food...sleeping in...and seeing all the sights....we may try to see a show at the last minute...but will play it by ear.

Regis and Kelly are going to be there next week....I wanted to get tickets on Monday to see them...but can't seem to find out how....probably would have to stand in a long line....sure would be fun to see them though!! (My Mom would love it too!)

I am off to eat some soup...and try and rest.  Enjoy your evenings!!

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