Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I have been trying to figure out the way in which I want to write about Las Vegas.  I have mixed feelings about the trip. 

You see, I heard so many great things about Vegas before going and I had my hopes set pretty darn HIGH...I must admit.  I was looking forward to just having TONS of fun with my hubby.  I thought I knew what I was getting myself into....I mean...what could be better than a weekend away with my worries about work, dog, etc. I was so excited as our hotel was reasonably inexpensive, the flights were a decent price...I thought...hey..not bad. We didn't book a show for a couple of reasons -1. There wasn't a show we were wanting to see and 2. We didn't feel like forking out the money.

I didn't expect to get a horrible cold right before we left....never a good way to start a trip/vacation.  By the time we had arrived on Friday night, my left ear was so clogged- I couldn't hear out of it and I was EXHAUSTED...I didn't want to do much of anything but sleep.  We went to a late night buffet at our hotel, walked around a bit (which I will talk about in a minute) did go and check out the Bellagio Fountain show (which was one of my favorite moments), and then crashed...we were so tired.

Now back to the walking around....I knew Vegas is known as "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas", but I really didn't know there would be that many "porn hander-outers", I will call them, on the street - I have never been so disgusted......never been so disappointed with the world we live in....never felt so sad for those standing on the street trying to hand out pictures/pamplets of "girls"...I am not sure the majority of them even spoke English...I asked Hubby if they are paid....and he assumed so....who PAYS them???? Why??? I don't get makes my heart makes me MAD.....there were SO many families walking around....and they would try handing them to young boys...all the way up to Grandpas.....I just wanted to SHOUT "Can't you see!!! They don't want your CRAP!".  Hubby could tell it was getting the best of me by the end of the night.... it was time to go to our room for rest.

Ah yes...our was BEAUTIFUL...our room was great...we had a room of the Eiffel Tower and Bellagio hotel....nothing at all to complain about the room...but....the bed...HARD AS A you know my know..he isn't a small guy....nope....not at all...and we have been spoiled for almost 2 years now to sleep in King bed....well...lucky us...we had a queen bed in our room (2 of them)....I have never woke up so SORE from the mattress....I was already aching for my bed by the next morning.

Saturday morning we awoke....headed down to the cafe in our lobby....and had a WONDERFUL breakfast....oh the most delicious coffee...and our waiter was SO NICE.  It was a great way to start the day....however I was begging for a Starbucks shortly we began our walk down the strip....we decided that the plan was going to be to cover one end one day and the other end the next.  So off we went. We found a Starbucks...I stood in line...Hubby played a slot machine...and won his $20.00 he had lost the night he was feeling good about that.

We headed through Planet Hollywood, MGM,

New York New York



and Mandalay Bay...yes sir...we covered them all in one day......oh...and we even had time to go into the M&M store....had to get a few pics for a special almost 2 year old!  We even bought some yummy M&;Ms....that were WAY over priced!

Walking around during the day...was...well...more calming to me....yes indeed. The weather was gorgeous...and well...I seemed to enjoy myself a bit...besides my ear still being clogged and having a stuffy nose. We ate at an Oyster Bar in the Mandalay Bay for lunch....(way over priced)....then ended up with dinner at another restaurant in our hotel (again..way over priced).

I must say...the idea behind each of the hotels in Vegas is pretty cool. The fact that they each have their own theme is neat to see...however...once you walk into each (some you must go into further than others)...there is the sound of shot machines dinging......smoke in the air...and then you realize you are in yet another casino.  Since Hubs and I aren't big just wasn't a lot of fun for can only play slot machines a few times..and if you aren't winning..forget it. I will say that we did have a couple of good streaks but nothing to write home about.  I don't like to LOSE even just sticking a small amount into the slot machine made me feel sick like....I will say we saw several "High" rollers wheeling and dealing and the several losing what seemed to be their life savings....I can't even imagine what they were thinking...

One of the saddest sights I saw while walking around were two homeless young girls...all curled up with signs....asking for help (both were in different locations during the evening)....they were both shaking horribly and rocking back and forth..and Hubby said it was probably due to "drug/coke" addiction.  I can't get their pictures out of my head....I wonder where there families are...what happened to these did they end up like that?....they had a family/friends at one point....why no longer?....even if giving them money....will they go and buy more drugs....I just wanted to offer them a place to stay and a warm shower...they were so dirty, sad and lost...and in my heart...I kept saying "give them with them Lord". They need him.....they need our their family out there somewhere praying that they come back home some day?  Never give up on God and what he can do for you. Oh goodness....I have seen homeless people in New York City....Kansas City....and other places....but these girls just struck a cord for me....again I was upset...Hubs knew it...and we went back to our hotel room for the night...

Sunday....well..let's say..Hubby began feeling bad. He felt like he was getting my cold and then he was having issues with his tummy (he always tends to eat more on vacation - which ends up causing problems). So we were off to the Bellagio Buffet for breakfast.  OH...DELICIOUS. And...the hotel....GORGEOUS....and they were decorated for Christmas too! 

Then it was onto Caesars Palace

And then onto the FAVORITE!

And of course...we had to check out where Donny and Marie perform....

By the end of the day we were exhausted....and wishing we were home.  Two nights of not getting much sleep and waking up with back aches.....oh how we laughed...we are SO getting old.  We headed out for a while Sunday evening...and walked around a bit more...we headed back to New York New York and found a little place on their cobblestoned streets to grab a bite to eat...this was my best dinner...and the cheapest! Hubby kept saying that Sunday it should die down because of the end of the weekend...but instead it was busier than Saturday and Friday night! I think everyone must have flown in for the holiday week.  We headed back to our hotel and watched some football and slept.

Our plan Monday was to check out of the hotel, find a movie, and have the concierge hold our luggage...well when we found out the movie times...they weren't starting until late we both decided to just go to the airport and see if we could fly standby on an earlier flight....we tried...but were unsuccessful due to the price we paid on the tickets we were not able to fly standby...go figure! So we spent approximately 7 hours at the airport. I ready Harry Potter and Hubs did some word search puzzles.  We arrived home late Monday night....and both said to one another we were so HAPPY to just be HOME.

Next time we plan a trip....we are going to a beach or on a's more our style.  I am sure that some of you reading this love Vegas....and I don't see a thing wrong with that at just isn't something for the two of us. I think I am most shocked at how bothered I was with all the "things" that go on out there. I knew that there was evil in this world - pornography, sex, drugs, alcohol, etc...but I have never felt it so much as in Vegas.  I know it's out there....I know...and I know that there are those who LOVE Vegas.....but it just wasn't our style. I am glad to say that I have my Jersey girls said I can now mark it off my list. 

Anyways, looking back I am just so thankful for the life that God has given to me, the love and support of my family and friends, the safe place in which we live where I have a bed to sleep in and food to eat. I have been given more than I deserve and will be forever thankful for God's blessings in my life.


Rach said...

D, I share your sentiments. I HATED Vegas and would NOT go back. I have been twice, once for my FIL's bday and once for a business trip. Both times, I hated it. But I did hit the outlet malls outside of the strip...which helped ease the pain. It's called the city of sin for a reason and it breaks my heart that our soceity accepts some of the things as OKAY. I agree completely with you.

Twice as Nice said...

Sorry you didn't like it. What I like most about Vegas is the shows but Twin and I are so fortunate to be able to go and not spend any money. That in itself gives us unlimited opportunities. We don't pay for any meals, room, or shows as Twin's boss pays for it all. If we had to pay we would be very limited and bored as you were, because it's not cheap. Having the luxury to do whatever you want and not worry about what it costs is a whole different experience.

Yes, the people handing out things on the streets is disgusting. We didn't see any homeless people. It is quite a walk to get anywhere. We usually take a cab if it is a long distance and I know Harris provides a free bus.

It's too bad you didn't see a show such as Cher because it's so much better than going to a concert and well worth the money.

Oh, well welcome home and Happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that the trip did not live up to your expectations, that stinks! I so share your disgust when it comes to the evil of the city, it's so very sad and the fact that the evil seems to be encouraged is just infuriating to me too. My Hubby & I went to Vegas for our Honeymoon. It was my 1st trip and my Hubby's 3rd. It was a great time for us but I have many desires to go LOTS of other places before going back to Vegas!!! :) Glad to hear you made it home safe, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!