Monday, September 14, 2009

My own letter wreath

I found an idea here on how to make a letter wreath. I had bought all the items a week or so ago and decided yesterday afternoon to attempt to make one for our front door.

I always hunt and hunt for the "perfect" wreath for our front door for each season....but after reading the nester's post I decided I should just make one myself and change it out for each season..

Below is a picture after the finished project. What do ya'll think? Hubby wasn't overly impressed...but I am really loving it!

And what is perfect is that I will now be able to change it out for Christmas and winter. Perfect!

1 comment:

Twice as Nice said...

What do men know about decorating! HA!! Looks great.
Can't believe fall is here already. Living in the mid west I feel we got cheated out of a summer. I got in my pool ONE time to CLEAN it! I HATE winter and dread it every year. From what I heard we will be needed out long johns for we are in for a bitter winter. (hope they are wrong) Have a great week.