Thursday, September 3, 2009

A keepsake

This table is one of the items that I brought home from my grandparents house. I can remember this table sitting in their home and to me has special meaning. I had first thought I would try and use it as a bedside table in one of our extra bedrooms....but once I got it home I decided it would fit perfectly in our hallway.

It is the cutest little thing and each time I go upstairs I am reminded of my grandparents and all the wonderful memories we shared together. On top of the table, I have a doily that they bought me while I lived and worked in Branson one summer during college. Ahh the memories.

I am busy preparing for "Y's" arrival on Friday evening. We have several things planned and am excited to have him here. One thing I will have to stock up on is FOOD. Between him and hubs those two can eat! And he is a growing boy.....I mean...he has a size 13 shoe already! Maybe we should start our own shoe company for men with large feet! Ha! It might be worth it with all the special ordering we have to do!

I am sure I will have lots to write once he arrives....he is already trying to convince us he needs an IPhone.....oh the joys of a teenage boy.....hubs told him.....uh...NO......he can't keep track of the cell phone he already has.....I love that he tries to explain to us the reasons why he NEEDS one....for example...well I can't use my cell phone now because I keep losing the charger (and you think that won't happen with an IPHONE??) LOL....oh it makes me laugh....the answer is still NO son....sorry.

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