Thursday, September 24, 2009


I haven't written about Bella for awhile...and decided it was time. As yesterday was a big day for her....her new collar and leash arrived! I ordered it online from another etsy seller and it is so stinkin cute! I dog is spoiled....but I love her!

I arrived home yesterday afternoon to a very needed dog.  If she has lots of energy she will whine uncontrollably until you take her on a walk. Even if I put her outside she sits at the door and whines! I about had it yesterday! Enough of the whining!

Here she is right before we decided to take a walk......obviously trying to play and keep herself entertained....oh what a life! ha!

Then it was off with the new leash.....and on with the new one! What do you think?? She won't be mistaken for a boy now! LOL!

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