Thursday, September 17, 2009

Housecleaner, hosting, and Thirty-one gifts

Can you tell by my title that I have a lot on my mind? First, thanks for the comments! I love reading them and appreciate all the kind words!

Yesterday I came home to a very clean house! I was hesitant on whether or not to share with you all this…..but my hubby decided that I needed some help….and offered to hire a housecleaner to come in and deep clean our home (no it isn’t going to be all the time…but every now and then). I cannot even begin to tell you how good that felt to me….I will admit at first I was very stubborn and didn’t want anyone coming in to clean my home…but when I arrived home yesterday afternoon…I felt renewed…and Hubs said it was worth every penny to put me in the great mood I was in…and am still in. If you know anything about me, you will know that I try to overachieve….I have to have a clean house…I can't stand for things to be out of place….and I broke down right before Y arrived. Ok…I had a bit of meltdown…I couldn’t take it anymore….I wanted to be at home cleaning…but just didn’t have the energy after working a full day and then preparing meals, laundry, etc. I think this is the best gift anyone could ever receive…so if you are thinking of a gift for anyone….this should be it! Nothing better than clean toilets, blinds, floors, showers, all those places I don’t get too….even our bed was made…ahhhh.

Last night I hosted our neighborhood Bunco group at our home. It was a great time…didn’t win anything..but I did have a Bunco! I decided to make a bunch of finger foods for dinner instead of a big meal and I believe all the ladies enjoyed it. In fact, one mentioned putting the recipes on my blog…so I will be posting all the recipes on my recipe blog that you can find here. The menu included: Bunco buns, beef crescents, turkey rollups, apple toffee dip, chocolate chip cheese ball, blt dip, spinach dip, jalapeno cheese ball (but it was a mix – so no recipe for it), and carrot cake cupcakes. Delicious indeed!

I have also been meaning to write more about Thirty-One. I know that I mentioned a month ago that I wasn’t really going to continue to push Thirty-One….but then I got the fall catalog. All I can say is that I love the stuff! And I want to remain active (which I don’t have to do much to do this)… I am still a consultant…and if you are interested in information or want to host a catalog or party..let me know. I would love to share info with you! I am also working on a website that better describes the products and info about the company….so be on the lookout for it. Yes…I am still sewing! This girl will never quit! There are just some items that Thirty-One does so much better at…and I really love all the support Thirty-one offers me…so I am sold! I will be participating in a craft fair November 7th and will have both my new fall Thirty-One items and my Anna Phyllis Design projects there to sell. If you want more info, please visit my Anna Phyllis blog.

I am so excited that the Biggest Loser is now on for another new season! Did you see it? Can I just be honest and tell you I was bawling during the beginning when they went around the room and told a little bit about themselves. I haven’t decided who I am pulling for yet….but will keep you posted. Do you have a favorite yet??

Lastly, I promised weeks ago for a giveaway….the giveaway will start Saturday morning…so stay tuned!!

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