Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wishing you many blessings in 2009!

Is it really the last day of 2008? Where has this year gone? I think that each year goes by faster and faster!

As I look back on this past year and look forward to this next year, I am amazed by God's goodness and blessings that he has given to our family. His love for us is never ending. How amazing is that!

Have you made any New Year's resolutions?? I have set some goals for myself and I have listed my prayers for this next year. I hope to look back at the notebook and see how God has answered those prayers in his own timing next New Year's eve.

One goal of ours is to paint every single room in our house. Oh my! What a chore that shall be. I am hoping to start in our Laundry Room! I have begun looking at different decorating ideas and have some pictures, hoping to put it into play in January! Who knows, maybe I can talk the hubby into beginning on New Year's Day!?!

As you can see from my blog, I have been doing some more updating..another goal of mine for the new year is to get better at this blog thing. Mike says I am addicted! I am beginning to think so. I hope to continue updates this weekend. And soon to come in 2009 is BLOG CANDY! Oh yes...I will have some for you all! I have been checking out my stats for the blog and have had visitors from believe it or not, all over the world! To help protect the identity of my family and friends, I will no longer be using any of our names.....each one will have a special nickname. I have begun by showing you a few of their names on the right hand side. I will continue to sign off as D or Deek ( a name my sister..aka..KID....gave to me many years ago. So be prepared....each person will be referred to by their own nickname. Will make it kind of fun...huh! :)

I have also begun to use "twitter". Have you tried it? I am not sure if I will like it or not, from what I can tell so far....I like it better than facebook. I just can't seem to get the hang of facebook....sorry for those of you who like it. I just can't find the time to keep up with it all. I would rather right a one or two sentence line with some of my friends and family and not have to look at the status of all those that I don't usually keep in contact with. There is just so much information on facebook....I don't may just be me....I would rather blog and twitter...hehe! If you want to on the link and add me... we will try it together!

A big thank you to the comments on the handbags! I am so glad you all like them! More to come as well as other creations! Also, I have received a couple of emails about the cookbooks. if you are interested in ordering one the price will be $20.00. I will be placing an order first thing next week. Just send me an email if you want one.

Tonight will be a quiet night at home for me, my hubby (aka muscleman) and bella (aka...BB). No plans for us, which I am fine with. Probably a movie or two and some appetizers...I don't even know if we will stay up to watch the ball drop. Bedtime is usually 10:00. :) We'll see.

Wishing you and your family a WONDERFUL 2009! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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