Monday, December 1, 2008

The latest update

Uncle Jason and Isaac.
Waiting to depart back to Idaho....

Shoes I designed on for Wyatt. He loved them!

Opening Christmas presents

Aunt Amy and isaac. How big is Isaac??? SO BIG! yea!!!!


Hanging out Thanksgiving day with the family.

Great Grandpa Bradfield and Isaac.

Cousins Aidan and Rachel helping Isaac read.

Kara and I with Grandpa making a funny face!

Learning how to kick a football.

Grandpa Kemerling and Isaac.

Isaac having fun with Uncle Jason.
As promised, here are some pictures of our week with Wyatt as well as some pictures from Thanksgiving day.

The latest update about Grandma Kemerling is that they have moved her back into the nursing home as of this afternoon, due to medicare not wanting her in the hospital anymore. She will be receiving hospice visits two times a week, I believe. At this point, her liver is still functioning, however she will not eat or drink anything. Our family has been explained that because her body is shutting down, she feels no hunger or thirst pain. This is comforting to know. Hospice and the staff at the nursing home will do all they can to make her as comfortable as possible. She has also been given medication to help her with the moaning noise she has been making. Praying that she will rest peacefully.

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