Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

I am sure that many of you have received your Christmas card from us and on the back of the card I put our blog address. The main reason for this is to let you know of a way to keep up to date on our family as well as read our Christmas letter for this year. I decided to save paper and not print any out and that way, if you would like to know all that has been happening to us, this is an easy way to get caught up.

Our year has been full of new and exciting adventures. We became the proud Auntie and Uncle of Isaac Daniel Vette in January. He has been so much fun to spend time with and watch him grow and learn new things.

Also,as many of you know, after almost 11 years with Aggreko, Mike decided to resign and accept a new position with Dean Machinery/Caterpillar in Kansas City, MO. We packed up all of our belongings the end of February, said our goodbyes to our many friends and coworkers in New Jersey and drove across country in a snow storm! We arrived safely at my parents house and moved into an apartment in Lees Summit a week later. Mike officially began his job as Field Service Operations Manager in March and I began to job hunt and house hunt.

In April, I accepted a job with HNTB Corporation in downtown Kansas City. I began as a Billing Associate for the Great Lakes Division of the company. In August, I was promoted to the Southeast Division and given a much larger project to work on. I am in charge of all of the invoicing for a job called the HOT Lanes project in Washington D.C. (HOT Lanes is the major highway/tollway around the D.C. area that is being constructed). This job has been stressful and challenging, but I have been blessed with amazing benefits and a very flexible work schedule. I couldn't ask for anything better.

In May, we made the "big" purchase and bought our first home. After a lot of househunting and trying to decide what area to live in, we made the decision to buy a new home just north of Liberty, MO. We are very happy with the home (including Bella) and the location and we just about have all of our boxes unpacked. It has been so much fun decorating the holidays!

The rest of our summer and fall was spent with family and friends. For a couple of the months, we had every weekend packed with something to do! Never a dull moment. Wyatt has been to visit us twice, Mike's parents came to stay with us and go to the Chiefs/Broncos game and a friend of mine from New Jersey came to visit too! We have enjoyed hosting everyone in our home and are so thankful that we have the opportunity to do it.

Earlier this month, my Grandma Kemerling passed away. As much as we were all trying to prepare ourselves for this loss, it was still hard. We celebrate the life she had and the wonderful Grandma she was. I have so many memories of her and Grandpa and will miss her this Christmas.

December is flying by and soon Christmas will be here. We will be hosting our family in our home for Christmas this year. I look forward to having everyone together to celebrate Christmas.

May God bless you and keep you and your family this Christmas and New Year.

Dana, Mike, Wyatt and Bella

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