Monday, December 29, 2008

Family Cookbook

You guessed it. A family cookbook is the other big gift that I was working on these past few months! If you are ever thinking about making a cookbook with family recipes, I HIGHLY recommend This company is amazing! It was so easy to put together and the owner is so helpful and she responds right away! She even wants to include a couple of pages from the cookbook on her website as well as a couple of pictures!

It took only a couple of weeks to print, I entered all the recipes, pictures, handwritings, etc. on my own. I even got to choose how sections were divided and in what order they came in. And the bonus is that you only have to order a minimum of 4 cookbooks! I ordered enough for my family and am now going to place a second order for other members of our family and friends whom we know would enjoy the book. You can get the pictures in color or black and white. I just can't say enough about this company. If any of you out there have questions about how it works, please feel free to let me know, I would be more than happy to help! I looked and looked online for a company that would allow me the freedom to design a cookbook just the way I wanted and this was it!

This cookbook has special meaning, it is a collection of all of my Grandma Bradfield's recipes. I also included lots of pictures our family with Grandma as well as some of her handwritten recipes and other meaningful items that she had written down. I wanted to be sure that all of us grandkids and my mom and aunt were able to have her recipes and something to look back and remember all of our fond memories of her. The faces of everyone on Christmas day was absolutely priceless! I couldn't have asked for anything more than to see the joy and tears in all of their eyes. I love my family!
Between making a cookbook, sewing handbags, and organizing all of my parents family photos into photo albums, I was busy as a bee. My hubby was such a trooper and so supportive each night that I was working on all of this! Time to spend some winter nights vegging with him now. :)
In fact..I better go now....time for dinner. Enjoy your evening.

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