Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Top 25 things you may not know about me..

So...I decided that you all needed something fun to read on the blog..the last few posts are sad...let's brighten things here is some things you might not know about me.

1. I can go to sleep in a matter of minutes as soon as I crawl into bed. (Mike hates that!)
2. My favorite Christmas candy is the chewy Peppermints by Brachs.
3. I am a lipgloss addict...okay...bare escentuals addict too.
4. I enjoy doing puzzles.
5. My favorite Christmas movie is White Christmas.
6. I love "I Love Lucy" shows.
7. I don't particular care for cats. Kittens are cute, but I don't want one in my home.
8. My favorite snack is cheese and crackers.
9. My favorite flowers are roses.
10. I give great foot massages (right Mike and Wyatt?)
11. I am a clean freak. I can't stand anything out of place in our house.
12. I would love to travel to Europe.
13. I don't wear any jewelry except my wedding ring and watch (and an occasional long necklace...thanks to two special gals in NJ helping motivate me)
14. I don't like pepperoni on anything.
15. I love spicy food..the spicier the better!
16. I listen to the military channel every night before falling asleep.
17. I must have a slice of lemon in my water.
18. I love taking bubble baths.
19. I would love to meet Paula Deen and Rachael Ray.
20. I want to own my own business.
21. I use to wear braces.
22. I love a good Starbucks latte.
23. I enjoy cleaning and organizing our house. (call me crazy...I KNOW!)
24. I love go skiing.
25. I miss New Jersey (what?!...thought that might surprise some of you...ok..I miss parts of it!)

There you have it...some more info about me. Enjoy your day!

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