Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Self Tanning

I have tried a lot of self tanners in the past 5 years. I have experimented A LOT! When I was in high school and college, I would use the tanning bed. But, I have learned that is not the best thing to do, so since quitting, self tanners have now become my new friend.

I thought I would give you all an idea of some of the products that I have tried and one new one I can't wait to try!

This first one is from Bath and Body Works - it is a spray tan. I started using it several years ago and it does work pretty well, as long as you spray evenly. The trouble I have had with it is that I spray heavier at certain times, so then my tan is uneven. It doesn't have much of a smell and does give a good tan though.
The next one is also from Bath and Body Works. I have used both this one and the bronzer. I prefer the one with the bronzer. However, I feel like it takes forever to dry and feel sticky all day wearing it.  The tan comes out pretty good and the nice thing with the bronzer included is you can see where you are putting it.
This Loreal' product is similar to the one from Bath and Body and is less expensive. I used this one all the time last year. It too has a bronzer and I feel like it does a great job. Just hate having it on my hands. The smell is ok...not too strong...but still takes a while to dry.
This year I decided to try tanning gloves from Dr. Denese on QVC.....they said your tan would last 5-7 days, you would dry instantly and there would be no smell.

My take on it is that you do dry pretty least I did. However, I was not impressed with the coverage. It was heavier on certain places than others and it wasn't as even as I had hoped. The color was great though and the smell was minimal. These however, were the most expensive and after 4 tries of applications....I decided to return them and get my money back.  And they took it with no problem.  So that was a positive!

And all know how much I love the Bare Escentual line....I seriously would be a Direct Sales lady if I could! This past weekend they had a mega size of Faux Tan with a brush (so I never have to use my hands to apply!) on special on QVC on Saturday. So I ordered.....and it has shipped! I hope it comes by the weekend! NO....I haven't tried it yet....and there are mixed reviews.....but I decided to give it a shot...if I don't like it...I will just return and get my money back again. I sure hope it works!!

There you have take on self tanners. You just have to try them out and see what works best for you.
Any of you have ones you love?? Would love to hear about them!


B Lou said...

Dana, let me know if this works...I saw the ad too and was curious about it


Twice as Nice said...

This post is so funny because when they had the DENESE faux tanner on QVC, twin and I were thinking about getting it but didn't. Then we ordered the faux tan from B.E. because we use the make up too. We are waiting for our shipment and are hoping we like it. I'm glad we didn't get the DENESE now.

jenn said...

i'd love to know how these work out.

new follower here and on twiitter =)

Katie said...

I haven't heard of the tan gloves or the product from Bare Escentuals. But I have used the B&BW line. I liked it pretty well. I also like Clinque's version as well as Jergen's Natural glow which is what I'm using now.