Monday, May 17, 2010

Dreary Weekend

Friday I had the day off from work and truly enjoyed every minute! I had stayed up late on Thursday night and priced all the items for our is the mess I started with....

I got up early the next morning and began setting it all up in our the time my Mom and sister had arrived....I felt like I was in great shape! The only thing I had left to do was sort through the clothes.

We headed out to grab a bite to eat for lunch and had a great time just spending time together....loved having them with me and of course Little "I" was here too.

Friday afternoon Hubs and I went to play 18 holes of golf. We finished just before dark and had a great time..even though neither of us played the greatest. 

Saturday morning...I was up early....and it was raining. I must say the weather did not help our sale.....I was a bit bummed....but I did make $100.00.  Here is everything set up.

Due to the weather I had to move practically everything we had lots of people drive by...but not stop.....I have decided to keep what we have left set up in the garage as our neighborhood sale is this I will give it one last shot since it is already ready.

I have posted the big furniture on Craigslist hoping I can get rid of it all by Saturday!

Saturday afternoon, Hubs and I went to see the movie Robinhood. It was good! However, I had no idea that they are going to be making another one. So I was a bit lost during part of the story...but after watching it I get it now. I kept thinking this is not the story I know (like the one with Kevin Costner in it). It wasn't till the end that I understood what they were trying to do. Still good though..and I think Russell Crowe makes a much better Robinhood!! rained ALL DAY. And is still raining today! So I went to church, got some groceries and even took a nap. It was heavenly!

Hoping to see the sun some time soon! Our grass is going to be so tall by the time we mow it!

Back to work I go. :) Happy Monday!

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Twice as Nice said...

I think the weather is going to be better in the mid west this weekend. It's disappointing to do so much work getting ready for a sale and have the weather ruin it. Good luck this weekend.