Friday, May 7, 2010

Let the randomness continue..

Not much has been happening at our house this week. We have been going to bed early at night and I have pretty much avoided the computer after 5 each day. Hard to believe...I know!

I have A LOT to do this weekend before our garage sale next Saturday.Oh goodness! You should see the piles! I will have to take a picture for y'all! I am really hoping for a sunny day next weekend and for it to be warmer...good grief! I am tired of the 60s! I have also been reading all about tips for having a successful sale. So this garage sale is sure to be bigger and better than the one I had last year! At least that is my plan! :)

5K is Sunday morning...8:00 am...say a prayer for my sissie and I! Oh is going to be cooler than expected....and it is going to definitely be an early morning!

I haven't been able to put any recipes on my I haven't really been trying anything new. We have gone to a low carb diet in our house as of Monday. Must say...not my favorite thing to do....but Hubs is wanting to lose about 50 lbs....and this typically works best for him. So.....veggies and meat are the menu each night. Thank goodness it is grilling season!

I have been eagerly waiting for our roses and daffodils to bloom in front of our house....I looked for the buds last night....they are FINALLY will try and patiently wait a little bit longer.

Two more chapters left to read in Beth Moore's So Long Insecurity book. LOVE IT! It is a must read for you all you ladies out there! Trying to put into practice what I am reading...sometimes easier said than done.

Still loving the new powder room color. Hubs wants to put that color on the walls in the basement. It looks much brighter in the pictures I took than in person....might have scared some of you! ha! It is really soft and pretty when you walk in....and even this morning...Hubby came out and said I really think the bathroom got bigger! TOO FUNNY!

I think our next door neighbor may have sold her house...not sure. The sign is still out front, but last week I saw what looked like a realtor/lawyer or someone of that nature pull into her driveway and spend at least an hour at her at lunch..a repairman was there. I haven't seen her out and about so I can't ask her...but she didn't hold an open house last weekend either...and that is the first time she hasn't. Guess I will find out soon enough...just praying for the right neighbors to move in.

I am ready for the work day to be it 5 yet?  Happy Friday!

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