Monday, May 3, 2010

Hello Buddy

This posting is going to have a lot of pictures...but I wanted to share about Little "I's" first sleepover at our house.  He is such a busy 2 year old now and there is NEVER a dull moment with him around. He is constantly talking or singing and I loved every minute! He saw Bella right away and called her Buddy (which is the name of my parents dog). All weekend long...he would ask where Buddy was. I tried correcting him, but he just must have thought Buddy sounded better.

When he arrived on Saturday it was around lunch time so as soon as Mommy left we sat down for some pizza, fruit and veggies. He decided to try some celery...he even posed for me!

After lunch we decided it was time to go outside and play....we spent A LOT of time out there and he and Bella both had fun. In fact yesterday morning, we were out walking around the block and he just kept saying, This is so much fun!

He wanted to pretty much do anything Bella was doing...lay in the grass, look under the deck, eat grass, lick worms on the name it and he copied her. Oh my!

He also loved playing in our "GARDEN". He would crawl behind our bushes and say "Look, I'm in the garden!"

He is really into the Three Little Pigs and decided that in the backyard he was building a house of bricks. He just paced up and down our property line with the help of Bella.

And....every time the garage door was open....he found this to sit on.....and pretend drive.

As much as I was looking forward to having him all to myself, I was so happy Hub's plans changed and he was able to spend some time with us too. Little "I" wanted to know where he was all the time....and they had plenty of tackle and tickle time too.

I was a little bit concerned about if he would sleep good and where he would sleep. But we put him in our guest bed and he was out in less than 5 minutes....I decided to sleep in there with him...just in case...he sure talks in his sleep. I can't remember how many times he would say "More". Too funny!

He woke up the next morning and told me he wanted corn, broccoli and carrots for breakfast....interesting combination for sure! Instead we had some toast and fruit! He sure mimicks everything you say now....I don't know how many times I heard..Oh My Goodness...Oh My Gosh....Well For Heavens Sake. Too FUNNY!

Here are just a few more of my favorite little guy....Love you munchkin!

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abby said...

He looks just adorable and LOVES his auntie D!! Miss you friend!