Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A bit of randomness

1. We woke up this morning and discovered that our refrigerator was no longer working. The temperature had gone up from 37 degrees to 65 in just a matter of hours. When I arrived home at lunch it was at 88. So..we just unplugged it and moved all that we could into our freezer and two coolers. We have a couple of bags of trash too. The serviceman is supposed to be here tomorrow morning. Praying it doesn't cost a fortune to get it fixed!

2. I am trying to get things ready for our garage sale next weekend. I have a huge pile in Y's room....and it is calling me...hoping to begin working on tomorrow.

3. Golf lessons are going so well. We went to the driving range after work yesterday and I am feeling more confident each day. I can see myself finally enjoying an entire golf game!

4. I don't speak about this much....but Hubs and I have had our rough moments in the last month...but Praise GOD we have been doing well the past few weeks. I know many of you are and I thank you, but if you have a free moment and you feel the need to, please lift him up/us up in your prayers. My husband needs Jesus and I am praying that he one day finds him again.

5. My sister and I are running our 5K on Sunday. The forecast is showing rain.....praying it holds off until after the run.

6. Little "I" asked me on the phone this evening if I wanted to go on a walk....my heart melted. Love that boy!

7. We have started cutting out carbs during the evenings...SO HARD. Hubby wants to lose about 50 lbs...and I would love to lose about 10-15.....I must start working out more!

8. I have been frustrated with my job.....not feeling motivated or eager to go to work. I honestly wish I could just stay home and a homemaker.

9. I feel so bad for all those in Nashville that have been affected by the flood. So sad....praying for them all!

10. I have missed church the past few weeks and will again miss it this week. Can't wait to get back into a groove. Really missing it

There you have it...a bit of my randomness.....

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