Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Closet organization

Last night I tackled our laundry room and closet. Our laundry had gotten so bad that all of the clean laundry was piled up on top of our dryer and over flowing in the laundry basket. I had been neglecting that area for a few weeks.  Some how...at 9:00 I found some built up energy and began organizing, folding, putting away all of our laundry, plus did 2 loads. I reorganized all my pants, jeans, and shorts and made a pile I plan to sell at our garage sale on Saturday.

I wasn't stopping till I was finished. That closet shines this morning! It made me so happy to walk into it...and I found the dryer....so that is always a plus too!

The garage sale piles keep growing...how on earth do we accumulate so much stuff! My goal this week is to get it all priced and organized in piles by Friday am. I have decided to take Friday off so that I can spend time getting the tables set up...so that I am not having to do it late that evening.

Hoping and praying for no rain! There is a 30% chance right now.....really don't need rain or cold weather!

I am taking it slower this week with working out.....it is always such a great sense of accomplishment after running a 5K. I am already wanting to plan my next one...which I think might be in Sept!  We'll see. The Mother's Day run was so great...I think my sister and I want to try and do it every year. What a great way to spend the morning! Hoping Mom and maybe our SIL will join us next year and walk.

Not sure how much I will blog this week due to prepping for the sale. I will try and keep you all updated via Twitter. I know a lot of you use Facebook....however I have taken a step back from it.  I was linking all my Twitter messages with FB, but due to a couple of things I have decided not to do so anymore. I will still keep my FB account active, but not sure how much I am going to use it or update my status from here on out. So if you want to know what is going on with me...check me out on Twitter or my blog!

Thanks friends! Have a great Tuesday!

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Allyson said...

I am about over Facebook too. There is just so much silly drama going on. I love twitter and my blog.