Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What a morning!!

I use Bare Escentuals every morning...and this I was in a hurry (because I was procrastinating and wishing I could just stay home and enjoy the weather) all over face tanner SPILLED..and it is BROWN AND DARK...yes it spilled on my white counter my makeup drawer that was open....on my my sink.

So I have a lots of clean up to do when I get home....UGH! Love the makeup....but because I am such a is dangerous for me to use as I can be very messy.

That is how my morning started..,,,,

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Twice as Nice said...

Twin and I use B.E. too. Didn't it come with a protective top, almost like a shaker lid? With it being all natural ingredients I would think it would clean up easily. Good luck!