Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I have been out of the loop for a few days. Sorry y'all!  The weekend came and went and I spent the majority of time outside or working on projects with my Hubs.  I am hoping that you all had a wonderful Easter!  I have no Easter pictures to bring you, but did attend a wonderful church service that morning. I don't know what I would do without my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  What a wonderful holiday to celebrate! :)

Yesterday, I took the day off and travelled up to my parents house for the day. A dear friend of  my family's (Floyd) passed away last week and his funeral was held yesterday afternoon. He and his wife (Charlotte) are the dearest and sweetest couple/neighbors that anyone could ask for. I have many fond memories of him and all the projects he would do around the countryside. He actually grew up in the house that my siblings and I grew up in and he had many stories to tell us about the history of the house and farm.  He will be missed. His wife, Charlotte, was one of my Grandma's dearest friends and I hope to get up to see her this summer and just spend a few hours with her...she has many recipes that I would love to get from her too....plus lots of stories about my Grandma.

So there you have it....a little bit about what has been going on with me.

I have found a new love...that I wanted to share with you all....have you seen it in the stores?? Maybe I am just behind in the times...but I had to buy it this weekend.....and both Hubs and I agree...it is good...and it doesn't taste like anything calorie free.....

I have also taken some pictures of what I have been doing outside in our yard....I have been doing a little planting....I decided to try and plant some pansies this year around our tree.

I also got a new hanging basket.....

Not sure how well these will do....but they are so pretty...and SMELL SO GOOD!
And....while I was out on Saturday morning...I found this wreath...and loved it the instant I saw it...plus it was 50% off!! Can't beat a deal!

And finally....I was outside on Saturday morning with Bella. We always cross the street and she does her duty in the empty lots....I kept hearing this knocking going on and couldn't figure out what it was...until I stared at the old tree long enough...and saw the Woodpecker just a pounding away. Love this tree and the birds it attracts.
Don't forget...you still have time to enter into my flip flop giveaway....the contest closes on the 12th! 

Happy Tuesday!


Twice as Nice said...

Love the new wreath. Where did you get that? I just love to plant flowers but rule of thumb around here is after Mother's Day. Before that we could get frost or maybe SNOW!

Kerri said...

very pretty! i cant plant to save my life haha

Sarah said...

Oh man, I love Coke Cherry Zero. It's a life saver on long afternoons!