Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Goodbye Brown

Remember this posting from almost a year ago???  We had painted our powder room Piano Brown.  Well....I am so over the brown. I am tired of it. I don't like it at all....and I am feeling a change coming on.

Hubby is going on a trip this weekend.....know what that means???? I am going to paint the powder room all by myself and surprise him! I know he would like it changed too...but it isn't on his agenda any time soon. So I figure Friday night will be a good night to take this task on myself.

Now the next question is what color should I paint it?  I have been doing LOTS of research on this and I have narrowed the paint colors down to Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage or Benjamin Moore's Smoke colors.. Here are a few photos I have found of those who have used each color....

The question is...what do you all think? Or do you have any suggestions of another color to use? The brown just makes it so dark and almost like a cave. I have had enough of it. Part of me says I should try like a faux paint or some other textured paint...but I don't know if that is what it needs.

Would love to hear from you if you have any ideas....or if you have pictures of something you have done with your powder room that you love!

I will be heading to get the paint on Thursday...so I have just a few more days to decide!


Twice as Nice said...

Either color would be great. I just painted our entry, laundry room and living room in the last 3 weeks. Finished the living room just yesterday. My best advice would be to get Behr paint with the built in primer. LOVE IT! Especially if you are going over a dark color. (They matched the paint color I found at Sherwin Williams)
While I don't think you can purchase this in a store, I also use something I think is called The Paint Roller. I purchased my first on on QVC but I don't think they sell it anymore. I got my next one from HSN. What you do is fill the roller with paint. It does not drip even if you shake it so you don't need drop cloths and aren't going up and down a ladder to get more paint. The other thing is an edger. They sell them at home improvement stores. They work great around windows and trim (less taping). The key here is not to load it with a lot of paint. A little goes a long way. Good luck, can't wait to see it done.

Kristen said...

Good luck! I am loving the Silver Sage...what a great color! Have you thought about putting beadboard or board and batten in there? We did that in our guest bath last year...it was inexpensive for such a small space but really adds a lot of charm. (Well, as much charm as you can give a bathroom, right?!) :) Here is a link to what we did (well, I painted, Dan did the beadboard!)

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Kelly said...

Cute blog! I really like the blu-gray color.

Cherish This Life! said...

How fun! I bet he will be pleasantly surprised!!! And if he is anything like my Hubby he will be even happier because he didn't have to do it himself! :) Both colors are really pretty. Grays/Blues are not normally my favorites but that 2nd picture is really pretty! GOOD LUCK, can't wait for photos!