Sunday, April 25, 2010

Peaceful weekend

This has been a GREAT weekend....after the last two weeks not being the greatest...I happy to say that our weekend was great...and peaceful at our house.. Ahhhh...a much needed weekend indeed! I am so thankful!

The weather has been cool and we pretty much hung out inside all weekend. We did go to the movie Clash of the Titans last night....which was not good at all. But at least we got out! :)

We spent a couple of hours on Saturday with an interior decorator.  I know..I haven't really mentioned anything about this....but we are changing our family room and are in need  of help with furniture placement. The awesome thing is that she does not charge by the hour...we just pay retail for the items. So we met her at a warehouse downtown and she had a couple of furniture set ups to see  and we fell in love with one.  The items won't be in for about 8 weeks, so we have some time to get ready.  I plan on putting a few items on Craigslist and then a few other items in our garage sale in May. Hopefully, we will have the entire room pretty much cleared out by the time the items arrive.

I am not going to share with you all any more about the will be a surprise. All I can say it is going to be a totally different arrangement than what we currently have! And I can't wait!

I spent some time sewing some baby rag quilts yesterday afternoon and spent most of the day today cutting out more fabric. I have posted the fabric on my Anna Phyllis site! SO CUTE!

We also just hung out and took some much needed you can see from Bella....

Wishing I had one more day to this weekend....anybody else feel that way?  Off to bed I must go! Hoping you all enjoyed your weekend too!

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