Thursday, April 22, 2010

Backyard view is a changing....

This posting is more for my family than anything. See how much our view out back is changing??  Continuing to pray for wonderful new neighbors! The home on the right was sold, but I believe that has fallen they are both for sale now. can see that the basement to the left has been poured too....won't belong now. Can't wait for all the construction to be over!

Our golf lessons were cancelled this evening due to the rain. I spent the evening sorting our storage stuff in the basement...prepping for a garage sale and Hubs spent the evening working on installing a new sump pump and batttery back up.  We also bought 9 things of insulation for the basement. We wanted to see how far one package would go.....who knows...we may get the basement insulated this weekend!

Never a dull moment!

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Karen said...

We live in a new construction neighborhood too and always wish for wonderful new neighbors. I know this sounds horrible but my husband and I always cringe when we see old people moving into the neighborhood. Here's to praying for fun, new neighbors!