Wednesday, September 29, 2010

No baby yet

That is the news here this morning. Darn it! Oh well...maybe Baby Girl is just waiting for Auntie D to arrive tomorrow morning! Ha! I hope it doesn't take that long!

My SIL's water broke around 7:15 this morning, however she is dilated to a 1 and 75% we'll see how this goes. I can hardly wait!!

I am loving the weather this week! It has DEFINITELY turned to fall around here! I heard on the news last night that the trees will be turning colors by next weekend. Can't wait!

I have been SUPER busy with Thirty-One Gifts. I can't hardly contain my excitement at times!!! I truly feel God has his hand on this and am excited to see his blessings and where he is taking me. My team is growing and I have 4 new recruits just this week! My goal is to be Director by the first of next we'll see what happens!! I also have 5 parties booked in October. I have 2 openings if you are interested...let me know!

My goal this weekend is to play some golf with my Hubs and get my office is a HOT MESS! I think I should show you before and is that CRAZY!

Running is still going good. Just a few more weeks and our 5K will be here! I am thinking of attempting a 10K next spring....WHAT!? Yes..I did say that...we'll see how courageous I get! ha!

Hoping you have a wonderful day! The sun is shining and God has blessed us with another amazing day!

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Kirsty said...

Wow good luck to her and you!