Thursday, September 9, 2010

I love a rainy night

I do! It has been raining/misting since early afternoon. It has cooled down quite a bit and I have my FAVORITE candle burning....I ordered it online last year...or wait....maybe it was the first year we moved here. Anyways....I can remember my MIL talking about how good it smelled. Yes..must have been two years has lasted me this long and smells SO GOOD!

Wish I could remember what store I bought it from. I am thinking Piper Classics...but I could be wrong.

Anywho...glad I got that all figured out?  The house smells AMAZING (singing in my amazing tune). lol!

We had soup for dinner....Hub's is leaving on a dirt bike trip tomorrow and I am hanging out at home for the weekend. I do have something special planned for tomorrow...but will email about that tomorrow night after my run!

Oh yes...took the night off tonight....just didn't feel like raining...been watching the FOOTBALL GAME! WOO HOO! So happy fall is almost here! I am putting out my decor this weekend. I refuse to wait any longer! Watch will be on there way soon!

OH and an another exciting thing that happened open house shipment for 31 shipped TODAY! I had to wait on a few outside orders...which delayed me submitting the order...but they did great at turning it right around. I can't wait to see what all everyone ordered!  Will share pics definitely on that too!

Have a great Friday!!! :)


Cherish This Life! said...

How strange was the weather yesterday? I must have misted for 5 hours here, so weird! I love that fall is finally here. I have been working on getting our decorations out all week - they make the house look so inviting, I LOVE FALL! And yeah for football, that REALLY means fall is here! :)

Glad to hear the open house orders have arrived, I can't wait to see all our goodies. PS - You can just deliver mine with Jenny's, it's totally fine with me and much easier on you since you girls live so close to each other.

Kristen said...

I love weather like that when you can get all cozy at home - hello fall!!