Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 2

of running with a partner. I like it. It makes the time go faster and we both encourage one another to finish.  Before you know it we will be all over the subdivision. However, for now, we will continue to make it around the block...well kind of a matter how many times we go by and get strange looks from the neighbors....(uh...yes we have been by before...and yes we are still huffing and puffing). Ha!

Just a little over a month till the 5k! We have also partnered with our husbands and are cutting down on the eating....and it is 9:30 and I am hungry!  I must say it is nice to have someone who is going to hold me accountable...cause honestly...if I wasn't going to meet her (Jam) then I wouldn't be running in the evenings.  FOR SURE!

Ok..time to try and go to sleep my is to a peaceful night of sleep!

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Twice as Nice said...

Everything is a little easier when you have a buddy. You're doing great!