Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Working out is hard to do

So I have started getting up early again and working out. I know...I know...call me crazy! It's just that it is so hard for me to work out after work. I typically take Bella for a nice stroll around the neighborhood...but it ain't cutting it!

So up at 4:30 is the rule for me again. I just feel better after a good workout in the morning too.  Trust me..it is hard...but when my pants begin to feel a bit snug...it's time to make a change.

We are also back on the health kick of eating..or at least trying to be. It is SO HARD. Last night we had a yummy salad with fresh strawberries, some almonds, grilled chicken and dried cranberries.  It was REALLY good....even though I was really craving a pizza! 

I am not sure how long the eating well will go. I am hoping at least until we leave for our trip in November....I know that with the holidays coming up it is going to be VERY HARD.  So I figure if I just start working out hard core...that gives me more room to eat some of the yummy treats!

On another note, you may see on the right side of my blog a couple of new links.I am SUPER excited about the Christmas Ornament Exchange and the Southern Hospitality's Christmas tour.  I can't wait! As much as  I love fall, I LOVE Christmas.  I decorate a little for fall, but I go OVERBOARD for Christmas. I learned it from my Mom! Thanks Mom! ha!

If you would like to participate in either one..be sure to click on their picture and it should take you straight to their blogs.  It should be so much fun!!

Miss Bella is feeling a bit better.They didn't find anything wrong with her....she has been acting better too....we'll see how she does today all by herself at home.  I am sure she will be fine...it just caught hubby and I by surprise when she wouldn't hardly move all weekend....that is not our typical Bella.

Well I must go...another great day at work is to come. I am going to be learning more about recruiting and job posting today. I can't wait!

Happy Tuesday!!

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Tracy B at FeedSack Cooking said...

Hi Dana,

I am your ornament swap person. I am so excited and can't wait to find the perfect one to send to you. Love your blog.
Have a great and blessed day.