Sunday, October 11, 2009

A visit from Munchkin

Munchkin came to visit us yesterday. He is changing so fast and is really just so much fun to be around. I enjoyed every minute and I know hubby enjoyed having him around too. They teased each other and had some tickle time.  Pretty cute!

We watched Toy Story, tried to help Uncle "ike" paint the garage, played with Bella and gave her LOTS of hugs and treats, did some puzzles, reorganized the bottom shelves in the pantry, took a nap in the "Big" bed, read some books, pretended we were superman and played with Playdough. Even Uncle Jase and Aunt Brey stopped by for a short visit!!
We even a dance party after dinner last night and I got some of it on well as him playing with Uncle "ike's" hat.   Pictures below to show Mommy and Daddy what fun we had! Thanks for letting him visit! We had so much fun!

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