Monday, October 27, 2008

Massage day

This weekend was "girls" weekend for the Kemerling ladies. For Mother's Day this year, my siblings and all of our spouses got together and gave a gift certificate to our Mom to the spa. The deal was that we girls would go with her to get pampered too. After trying to figure out what weekend would work best, this past weekend was decided. So we all met at Kara and Tim's house early Saturday morning to head to the spa.
I think that we can all agree that the massages were amazing and wonderful and we all slept really good on Saturday night. I had a Hot Stone Massage and it was so relaxing and warm! hehe!
After our massages, we spent the afternoon having lunch and shopping at the Briarcliff Village in Kansas City. Lots of fun! I so enjoy hanging out with my mom and sister and sister in law! We laugh and laugh together!
The rest of my weekend was spent taking care of Mike. He has been sick with a horrible cold/flu/sore throat thing and I am ready for him to get better.
If you have a free moment today, please say a prayer for Stephanie Vest. Her website link is on the left side of my blog. The doctors have found cancer in her liver and she is very sick. She and her family could use many prayers right now. Some of her friends have posted pictures of her pink laundry room on her website too. Oh how I love that room. I don't think I could get Mike to let me paint ours pink...but it is awesome!
Anyways, I can't believe that Halloween is this Friday. It's almost Thanksgiving! Hope you all are enjoying the fall weather and colors! Have a great Monday!

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