Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Craft Room update....

So I am finally getting around to updating you all on what has been going on in the craft room. It is still a work in progress, but I have added a few creations to the wall. Hopefully, you can get the idea. We still have some shelving and other items to hang, but I have several different projects going at the same time, so eventually I will get it done. These frames I have had for years, I removed the pictures that I had in them and placed black and white scrapbook paper in each one for designs. They turned out pretty good.

Here is my scrapbooking desk. I have glass jars that belonged to my Grandma's that I hope to fill with all kinds of craft items. I also hope to add storage underneath.

I bought these letters and spray painted them black and hot glued the ribbon to the back of each and used a tack to hang them on the wall, they look better in person...I plan to add something at the top for a border, but haven't figured out what yet.

Bought a new valance for the room from Target. With the color of the window blind as well as the computer desk, the wood balances out in the room.
That's just a taste of what I hope is in store for this room. At this point it is a room that I can now work in, so that makes it so nice! Finally unpacking the sewing machine tonight....I can't wait! It's been a box for too long!
Have a wonderful day! Stay warm!

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