Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Friday

Well today is Friday for me again! We get tomorrow off and I couldn't be more excited for a long extended weekend again!!

This weekend is a bit busier than last! I still have Christmas shopping to do! Say what?? That's family isn't celebrating Christmas till I still have presents to wrap and gifts to least I wasn't out last week with all those that waited last minute!

I am really excited to see my family on Saturday. I love giving presents and this year I am especially excited again. We drew names this year, which made it even easier. Hubs and I have my brother and sister. I took my I was hoping I would get her...I can't wait for her to open her present. Surprise Kid if you read this! You know it is coming from me! lol!

I also got two of the most precious items for my niece and nephew...I promise to show you pictures once they open them!

So...that is on my agenda for the weekend...I am also gearing up for a new year with Thirty-One Gifts. My business and team just keep on growing! I just got my first recruit from Virginia! I love having girls on my team all over the US!! I am so excited!!  We also just received our Dream Reward info for this next year and I gave my goals to my Hubs....I am working towards two FREE trips and going to National Conference in July. I love this company and the support it gives me. God is truly blessing us all!

With that said..I am looking for two things. One I am wanting to find someone to help me design my 31 blog...and give me some type of cute button logo..for just if you know of anyone who can do this...for a great price...please let me know!

And...I am also looking for other bloggers out there who would like to host a giveaway this next year?? Please let me know if you are interested. I would love to give away a few of our new items that are coming out this spring....I mean...check out some of these cute bags....Aren't they fun for spring and summer??

So if you would love to host a giveaway...please let me know through the comment section and I will get in contact with you! :)

Have a wonderful day!! Enjoy the rest of 2010!! hehe!

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