Friday, December 17, 2010

My Christmas List

So I was asked this past weekend what I wanted for Christmas. And in all honesty...I am just thankful for what I have and trying to keep my "WANT" list to a minimum. Hubs and I have cut WAY back this year and only getting what we have asked for. His is easy. He only wants two DVDS...can't complain about that!  I have asked for a new watch..I saw a Fossil Watch before Thanksgiving that I I pointed it out to him.

My family though asked me..and I didn't know what to tell here you go folks!

I want a CHI straightener...not until I looked at my sister's Amazon list did I remember this! LOL! Thanks Kid for the reminder!

I think of things all year long and then forget...I need to start putting a list together year round. My memory isn't as good as it use to be! lol!
Another item I have had in mind is some Tervis Tumbler's with the letter "T" on them....We go through cups like crazy!

I have prolonged trying on the skinny jeans and skinny leggings for quite a while now..but yesterday while I was out shopping during lunch I decided to try on a pair. OH MY GOODNESS! What was I waiting for!?? The most comfortable thing I have put on in months AND...Stretchy....need I say more! I felt so skinny in them......

So...on my list are these...cord stretch skinny leggings from

Or these skinny jean leggings from gap/old navy.....

And some tunics and cute belts would be great....

I would love new perfume...or any products from the one and only Bath and Body Works...

I do not have Season One of I Love Lucy
Or...Season Two cards are always wonderful too.

What is on your lists???

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jenn said...

i love tervis tumblers =)
heck...i love cups =)

those cord stretchy leggings are cute =)