Monday, December 6, 2010

Misc Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters 

Ending Monday with a bunch of randomness...

1. I am in a mood today...that I just can't seem to get out of...a lot of it has to do with work...and I am hoping that a restful night at home tonight will put me in a better mood for tomorrow. Why does it seem like December sometimes brings out the worst in people instead of the best!? I am trying not to let the downers that I am having to talk to on the phone today at work get the best of me...but it is seriously almost too much!

2. My final Thirty-One Gifts party is tomorrow night -final one before Christmas/the New Year that is.... And wow what a year it has been! I can't believe I should be a Director next year! Woo Hoo!!

3. I want to watch Christmas movies tonight...I need some holiday cheer.

4. My sister's MIL, sent me a package of Mocha Mint Dunkin Donuts coffee...and I am loving it! Thank you!! :) We are enjoying it at work!!

5. I need to clean our bathroom...I know..RANDOM....but it is on my To Do list tonight.

6. I wrapped 4 Christmas presents last night...progress is being made! 

7. I would really love for it to's true...I need some SNOW.

8. I am SO excited for Friday!! It is our 2nd annual Christmas Baking Day with the ladies in my Little "I"...can't wait to hang out with all of them for the day!

9. I am wondering if anyone out there has a Cookie Ornament recipe??...after looking back all my old ornaments from the past...there is one that I wish I had that someone had made me when I was looked almost like a sugar cookie. I would love to find the time to make some...SOME DAY.

10. And finally...I need to start working out again...I am suppose to be running a 5K again at the end of hard to hit the gym in the dark and cold...Thank Goodness for my friend/neighbor that is keeping me motivated. 

Happy Monday!!

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Anonymous said...

The noel ornament was made by Gma B.....makes it even more special