Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010 - #2

We have spent the day at home...just the two of us and Miss B. At first, I was sad about not being with my family, but after staying in my pjs all day, opening gifts, eating yummy brunch, and watching 2 of my favorite Christmas movies, I must admit that I have SO enjoyed today and how quiet and simple it has been.

I look forward to spending next weekend with my family and celebrating Christmas then...but today...I enjoyed just relaxing at home and not going anywhere.

My Hubs totally surprised me this year. He is not a huge Christmas fan at all...and usually grumbles about everything he has to do...including buying me a gift. But not this fact he shopped early...and totally thought about what to give me.

Remember I told you that we had a deal of just getting each other one gift? Well.....not until last night at 10:00 did I realize that didn't mean we wouldn't not get stocking stuffers for each other.  OOPS! HUGE OOPS! I only got him his 2 DVDs he wanted....I didn't even do stocking stuffers and I realized after talking to him...that he did! I shed some tears and told him I would go out to Walmart and fill his...but he told me not to worry about it...he was so happy that he out did me in the giving dept this year. He says I am always the biggest giver and this year he was excited that he beat me. (LOL! Mr. Competitor) is my wonderful gifts that he gave me...if you know anything about me..I LOVE the KC Chiefs and the Missouri he did really good...Here is our tree this morning..with Bella's new items in front from Santa. :)

My new watch...which is so much more beautiful in person

And....the rest of my items....

It has been a great Christmas. Most importantly...I am thankful for God sending his son, Jesus. Merry Christmas to you all!! Happy Birthday Jesus!

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