Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ok ok

I'm here! And I am blogging! Surprise!  This spring and summer has already been super busy and the end of April/May was very stressful to me with being rear ended. I can tell you that I don't like dealing with insurance companies AT ALL!

We finally have our car back after a month and a half in the body shop. From what we can tell..she looks like new...and she does have the new car smell still..but it kind of has a paint smell that is a little disappointing...but I will get over it. I am just thankful to be out of the rental car!

I am still wrapping up all the issues with insurance company. I think sometimes it is never going to end. And they are the hardest people to get a hold of!

Our birthdays came and went...all in all it was a great weekend. I got to see both my niece and nephew which was wonderful! And of course seeing my Sissie and SIL was an added bonus too! :) My mom made us (or should I say...ME) ha!  a Chocolate Angel Food Cake...which was DELICIOUS!

I am staying busy with my full time job and my team is a growing with Thirty-One! I will more than double my team in the next month or two....UNBELIEVABLE!   AND I earned the Leadership Trip to Cancun in October for both Hubs and I...and I also earned us a $2000.00 cruise of our choice! Super excited about both...I am dreaming of October already....I just look at pictures and can hardly wait!

Doesn't it look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! The best part is the entire trip is FREE! We won't pay for one thing...not even parking at the airport or gratuity!  I guess...we will pay for Bella to be boarded..but that's it! AMAZING!

We now have a computer that works at home....and I just won a wireless keyboard and mouse at work I hope to get myself back into a routine of blogging at night.  It has been hard to find time during the day while working both my FT job and keeping up with being a Director with Thirty-One...but I wouldn't trade it for the world! Next goal...Senior Director by December....I have my eyes set on it!  God continues to bless my team and I and I am SO VERY THANKFUL!

Our neighborhood is changing.   We have new neighbors that have just started moving in across the street and one final home is going up on our block. Can't wait for this construction to be over! Can hardly believe how much it has changed in 3 years! We are even planning our first block party for August!  One of our neighbors is retiring from the military, so his wife is throwing him a party...should be lots of fun in our cul-de-sac. :)

My family is all doing good! My sister is due in September...can't wait to meet my new little niece/nephew! We will be heading to my brother's in July to stay with them a few days before driving on to Columbus, OH...excited to see them and their house and spend some quality time with Little Miss P. She came and stayed with us for one night last week. Growing up so fast! She even cried when hubs tried to give her back to me...she wanted Uncle Ike to not let her go. Too cute!

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer!! Enjoy your evening!

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abby said...

YEA! I've missed catching-up with you friend! Sorry to hear you were rear-ended, hope you are okay. Hugs, Ab