Friday, June 17, 2011

The accident

So I realized I never really blogged about being rear ended....probably one of the reasons I had stopped blogging for so put a kink in my mood and outlook.

I was just a few miles from our house on the last Saturday of April. Hubs and I had planned an actual date day for the two of us and I was running to Kohls that morning. I was coming to a complete stop as there were cars in front of me when the guy behind me was paying any attention and slammed into me. He hit me hard enough that I hit the car in front of me. Needless to say, it ruined my day/weekend/week/month.  I was very thankful that Bella and I were not hurt, just some whiplash. I was devastated. We had just bought our new car a little over a month ago and then this happened.

Thankfully, the guy that hit me was totally at fault and received a ticket. I had to go to court as a witness just a few weeks ago and he plead guilty. And we were also very thankful that he had insurance.  However, they have not been the best to deal with. I can never get a hold of the claims adjuster and she has been very rude on the phone.  Will be so thankful when this is all over.

The vehicle was not totalled, but had $13,000 in damage which just sickens us.  The adjuster had to go to the body shop three times because they kept finding things that were broken or in pieces when they took the car apart.  The body shop was kind enough to give me pictures of the car and the pieces they took off, so I thought I would share just a few.

After a month and half in the shop...we finally went to pick her up on Tuesday evening.  She looks as good as new. Hubs found some paint over spray on the driver's side...but I took it back and they removed it right away.

It's good to have my car back and be out of the rental. I admit, I am nervous driving it now.  We are still waiting to settle with the medical portion of the claim and I have been told that we should claim diminished value for the car.  I was really hoping to be done with the insurance company...but looks like a few more issues we need to work out with them. Nothing like leaving a message for the claims adjuster and her never returning my phone calls. I know what insurance to never get for car insurance..that is for sure!

Happy Friday to you all! May you all have a safe weekend!


Twice as Nice said...

Sounds like something that happened to me. Our car was less than a month old when I was side swiped by two young guys. Their license plate ended up stuck in my door. They did stop. Their insurance claim lady was rude also. Now when ever I'm driving and someone merges or gets close to me I jump a bit. Glad you're okay!

Cherish This Life! said...

What a mess! I knew it had been a lot of trouble but geesh! Don't they realize their jobs could be MUCH easier and less stressful if they just did them and not be rude about it? Ugh, not cool. I hope that you get it all ironed out sooner rather than later!