Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Tree

Remember this??

Well now....it looks like this!

I nearly cried when i got home and saw this last night. I called my Mom immediately and was just devastated. The tree that had been across the street from our house since we moved in was ripped from its roots yesterday. I loved sitting out on our front porch and just staring at it and watching the birds gather to it. Even Miss Bella enjoyed going over to it and sniffing around it.

We had high hopes set that they wouldn't tear it down. Across the street are two large empty lots. The tree was on the dividing line and we thought it just might survive the home building. Apparently not!  The home to the right is nearly complete. And it looks like they will begin digging for the other home very soon.

On a positive point, if they do begin the other home....that means we are almost finished completely with all the construction around us! YAHOO! No more construction workers out and about on our street!

1 comment:

jenn said...

that's a GREAT tree!!
i can't believe the took it down!!!