Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Girls Night this Friday

This Friday night I am hosting a Girls Night Shopping Extravaganza! It was suppose to be in our backyard..but due to the weather not sounding like it is going to be cooperating, it will be held in our garage.  I am SUPER excited about this event! Even if it may be raining! We will be warm and dry inside!

I wish all of my blog friends could join us! I have invited all of my neighbors..even those I don't know and friends! So should be interesting to see who all shows up!

I will be displaying my Thirty-One Gifts, Pampered Chef, Sweeetcakes, Dove Chocolates (did you know they have a direct sales company? I didn't), Willow House, Scentsy, Arbonne and Tastefully Simple will all be there to participate. Can't wait!

Now I just have to get the garage in tip top shape! Hoping that the rain holds off so that we can set up the pop up gazebo and have room outside too...but we'll see. 

So if I am a bit distracted this is why! lol!  Plus, my brother-in-law has been staying with us for a week now. He leaves this Saturday. As great as it has been having him here...I am ready for Hubs and I to have the house back to ourselves. We have been having him do some odd jobs around the house...and he has worked on the basement a bit. In fact, he actually got all the drywall hung! One of these days our basement will be finished.

Anyone have any good appetizer/dip recipes to share?? Would love to serve something different on Friday night!

Back to work I go!


Jill Ladyboard said...

This is an awesome recipe- so easy for when I'm entertaining!

Anonymous said...

The pumpkin dip at the Me Market was really good, I thought...did you pick up a copy of the recipe?

The Mulberry Girl said...

All the drywall up? That's a major thing! We are still working on our basement, so I know how that feels! SOMEDAY it will be done!!

Room to Inspire said...

Sounds like a fun evening! I sure it will be a hit.