Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sharing the gift

This afternoon I met with a wonderful and amazing hostess, Tamara who has decided to join our Sparkling Stars team in another week. This is one of my favorite parts of my job- sharing Thirty-One with others.

She has decided to join for a couple of different reasons.

#1 - She loves the product (that is kind of important).

#2 - She basically did my job for me when doing the invites for her party (so she might as well make a little money...right!?!)

#3 - She can join right now and sell $1000 (make $250 in cash) in her first 30 days and get her $99 back AND an extra Hostess EXCLUSIVE item for free! (valued at $70!) AND on top of all that...she will earn LEVEL 1 of our Start Swell program...which means...another $103 worth of items for...FREE!

#4 - We really have the EASIEST program ever to remain an active consultant. I mean is a no brainer. Sell $200 every rolling three months. That's it! NO MONTHLY QUOTAS, NO specific # of parties. And with our amazing customer specials...all she needs to do is collect 5-6 orders every rolling three months to get that $200. How much easier could it be!?!

#5 - She gets 25% discount/commission from the date she signs up. WHAT?!? Yes!

Ok...I said a couple...and there are 5 at least! Really...let's take a look at the math for all of this....

For some...this business is about working it full time, for others it is about making a little extra cash...or maybe even just getting a discount on the great products.

The opportunity is really up to each individual consultant and what they want to make of it.

Seriously....could it get any better?!? The thing I love sharing the most is our amazing team and how supportive we are of one another! The sisterhood is priceless!

Can't wait to welcome you Tamara to our Sparkling Stars team! I am so excited for you!

Wonder who will be next?!?

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