Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Office Makeover

Several months ago...(back in October)...Hubby and I were talking about our front room and he asked if he could turn it into a "project".  Little did I know the "project" would turn into a BIGGER "project" that would include more than just the front room.

"PROJECT" #1 is complete. I took possession of my new office yesterday and it is WONDERFUL. Through some blood, sweat and tears...it is complete. So without keeping it from you any longer...I introduce to you my new working space.

First up...the BEFORE pics.

This room was used just a sitting room.

We didn't use it very often, unless we had guests.  I enjoyed just snuggling up on the couch and spending my morning devotional there.  But...it made more sense to move my office to the main floor.

So...that is just what we did.

Here is my new office...looking in from the door and entryway. Do you see the BOLD BLOOM print?!? It is new this spring with Thirty-One...and it is my favorite!

The chair we had in our family room for a while...I spiced it up with a new pillow. 

This shelving unit was in my office upstairs and I didn't think I was going to use it, but then realized the Junior Cubes fit PERFECTLY...so it is a keeper! Now just have to get some in BOLD BLOOM.

My pink box corner.... Best $99 I ever spent!

This cabinet belonged to my grandparents....and has special meaning to me. We decided to not do anything besides change the knobs on the doors.  It is just like it was when my Granny K passed away. Even her notes are inside on the door. :)

So there you have it....my office makeover.  Now back to work!

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