Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vacation Update

Well we got back from vacation several weeks ago and I have been in a whirlwind ever since! National Conference was AMAZING!! One of the most amazing experiences I have EVER had.

 Before conference, we headed to St. Louis to see this sweet girl. Miss just wonderful! Auntie D & Uncle M love her to pieces! She was so good while we were there and I loved watching her try and walk around and make all her fun noises.  My sweet niece is just precious!

Of was great to be at my brother's house...they have done a great job with decorating and making it feel nice and cozy.

Of was great getting to see my brother and sil too! Aw....there little family of three...soon to be four!
Her red hair is getting long...and I see her looking like both my brother and sil. When she wrinkles her nose it is my favorite!

After a fun weekend with them..we headed on to Columbus, OH for Thirty-One Gifts National Conference. Here is part of our team from all over! Our shirts say..."We are all about the WOO HOO!".

Above is my only team member that was able to attend....Jodie was one of my very first consultants!! Hard to believe that in a year...I now have 30 fabulous ladies under me...WOW! Feel super blessed!

While at conference I learned a TON and met some wonderful women...Thirty-One sisters. My favorite part though was meeting my LEAD coach from Home Office. Sara helps me every Monday on our call together...goodness...she helps me sort things out that I am going through....and I am SO thankful to have her on this journey with me.  I had to just run up and give her a big ole hug....loved meeting her face to face!

Another person I was so excited to meet was the founder, Cindy Monroe.  She was so sincere and genuine...I look forward to having my picture taken with her many many more times in the years to come. :)

Of course...conference wouldn't be amazing without the new reveal of our Fall Catalog! IT IS AMAZING! If you haven't seen it yet...let me know..I will mail you one!! LOVE IT ALL! They just keep getting better and better! You can also view it by going to my website at:
We also received TONS of great amentities for FREE just for attending conference...I felt truly spoiled when we left...

Above are just a few more pictures...we were taken on a Home Office tour...which was fascinating to see the HUGE warehouse that we ship out of....truly awesome to see the thousands of boxes!

I could go on and on...but I wanted to document this all and share a bit about my experience.

A couple more of my favorite parts:

1. The Praise and Worship music we had between our breaks at the Nationwide Arena...almost seemed like a Women of Faith conference....I absolutely LOVE the fact that this is a Faith Based company....and that they take that very seriously....God is doing amazing things...he is on the move with this company for sure!

2. Despite not wanting to really Husband was a TROOPER...he was one of two guys on the tour bus with 40 some other women....He sat at our banquet table and was the only man there....he met other men...and socialized a bit....and was just supportive of me and my endeavor. He knows how much this means to me...and he did it all for me...yes he may have grumbled a bit about it...but he was there..and he stuck it out. In fact...he has more ideas now than ever for my business!

3. The training at conference was worth every moment and penny I spent. They had the most amazing speakers....
I am still reviewing all my notes and trying to put them into practice. 

I have been on cloud nine since we got back! The catalog is team is growing...and my calendar is almost completely full for the fall! WOW! 

I told Hubs last night...58 days till Cancun...thanks to Thirty-One...and I am going to need a vacation after my busy month of parties in September! I can hardly wait! 

Loving every minute!

Hope you are all having wonderful day...and that it is cooler where you are!  

Coming this remodel....more to come on that...but it is going to be some work...for sure!

Happy Thursday!!

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