Monday, August 8, 2011

Trying to a weekend

So if you haven't noticed by Thirty-One Red Hots team has been growing like crazy...and with that being said...I have outgrown my "green" office. Hubs and I talked about it as soon as I got back from conference and decided that I needed to move my office into the largest of our 3 extra bedrooms and make my office the "guest" room, as well as switch out my stepson's bed...and give him the queen instead of the double.

ANYWAYS...that is what we started working on Friday night. It took two coats of Primer to get the green to go away...and the chalkboard...oh my! What a mess that made! I will never use chalkboard paint least..not directly on a wall.

It took forever to get this room to looking good....and I hid lots of the blemishes/flaws with things on the wall. As you can tell, the room is jam packed...but I think it turned out really good.  Please excuse the blurry I used my phone for all the pictures.

I will have room in the closet to store my sewing machine and all of my sewing more a combined office/sewing room.

Then it was onto moving the queen bed into "Y" room....fits nicely in there..and I know he will appreciate the bigger/comfier bed. :)

I had to find a home for a few more I thought this turned out well in the hallway. My grandparents mirror that hung in their home...I spray painted it and turned it a different direction. And then their cute table that they had too. Such a warm reminder of them...going to their home and seeing them.
After that was all done..I was exhausted...and Hubs started feeling sick. Our allergies really took a toll on us was lounge around...blow your nose kind of day...the office is not complete...but the painting is at least done. And I love it! It is call Light French Gray. Very soothing and pretty.

The desk is still sitting out in our hallway and I have to move all the Thirty-One stuff I have in "Y"s closet into this closet...This room will be my Thirty-One office. Nothing else will be in here...and I am SUPER excited about that! Hubs has also offered to build me a set of 6 ft by 6ft shelving to go along one wall...

I really can't wait to get this room organized and decorated.  Plus..I love the vaulted ceiling and having two windows that look out to the front of our house..I am kind of in my own private wing of the house.

So..there you have it...still have lots to do...but progress is definitely being made! My goal is to be working from this office full time next year at this time. Cannot wait!

Oh..and the best part about all of cost me $37.00 to do this switcharoo! Can't beat that!

Hope you all had a great weekend. :)


Twice as Nice said...

Wow you two have really been BUSY! Looks like your hard work is paying off. Everything looks great. Can't wait to see the office. Your hubby is really starting to take an interest in your business...good for you.

Wifey said...

I don't know how I missed this post but I LOVE IT and especially love that you did it in under $40, awesome! The rooms look great, I especially love your office color. LOVE IT! I have no doubt you will be working there full time sooner rather than later!